In Praise of Small Notebooks

While out for a walk this morning, I saw two deer bounding across a lawn. I also jotted down some lines that came to me, once again realizing the importance of always carrying a small notebook and pen. You never know when inspiration will strike, and my fingers are not deft enough to text the words on my phone.

It’s not the greatest poem in the world, but I’m glad it came out fully formed in the course of a morning.

Image Reconciliation

Take a look
at the photo.
See your face
in the picture.
Don’t hide
from the image.

Think of the
kid you were
so many
years ago.

Now look again.
This is who
you are.

This is who
you were
meant to be
all along—

The person
you see
right here,
right now.

Say hello
to yourself.
Be kind
to the human
before you.

This is
the only you
you’ve got.


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