I live in Syracuse, New York, and enjoy writing and taking photographs in my spare time. I created this site to showcase my work. You can also find me on Twitter @FranDiClem.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Excellent site, Francis. I’m glad to meet you today, fellow Syracusan. Thank you for following my blog. I followed your lead, and hope to discover more exciting things here. Godspeed.

  2. Hi Mark. Thanks for the greeting and the nice words. I’ve followed your work in print throughout the years, and I’m happy to have found your blog. Great stuff. I look forward to reading more. All the best.

  3. Hi Francis. If ever there were a BloggyVille tagging challenge meant for you, this is it. I think you’d appreciate selecting and posting favorite quotes. Let’s see if I’m correct. Have a good day, sir. And remember that in these little WordPress games, the rules are meant to be bent and broken if you would like to participate in some way, shape or form. Here’s the link to my post. — Mark http://wp.me/p3dLY1-3cK

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