Kennedy Square Demolition Images

Two of my photographs appear in the latest issue of Stone Canoe, A Journal of Arts, Literature and Social Commentary published annually by Syracuse University.

The images are also part of a Stone Canoe art exhibition entitled Vein 8. The exhibit runs until Feb. 8 at ArtRage gallery in Syracuse.

The documentary photographs were captured at the demolition site of the Kennedy Square public housing project on East Fayette Street. They are part of an art project I am working on about declining buildings and structures in central New York.

I found the site haunting, possessing a stark beauty, and I thought about the lives of the people who once inhabited the housing units. I wondered where they were living now. And it seemed a dark spirit remained embedded in the disintegrating materials.

Since I am new to DSLR technology and I am still learning how to edit photographs in Lightroom 5, it will take me some time before I complete this project. But I’ve enjoyed the challenge so far, and I have a variety of building images to process and consider.

The two images in the journal were taken with my Pentax K1000 camera and the negatives were scanned so I could edit them in Photoshop.

Here they are:

Kennedy Square Demolition Site. Photo by Francis DiClemente.

Refrigerator Demolition Site. Photo by Francis DiClemente.


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