Final push for Infinity

Advance sales for my poetry chapbook In Pursuit of Infinity end on Dec. 28. And since pre-publication sales will determine the size of the press run, I am sending out a gentle reminder for those who might be interested in purchasing the book. You can order it here or by using the following order form:

Please send me ______ copy (ies) of In Pursuit of Infinity, by Francis DiClemente, at $14.00 per copy plus $1.99 shipping . . .

Enclosed is my check (payable to Finishing Line Press) for $__________




Please send check or money order to:

Finishing Line Press
Post Office Box 1626
Georgetown, KY 40324

With that said, thank you for enduring this sales intrusion and I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, happy holidays and a blessed new year. I hope all of your blogging, professional and personal goals will be achieved in 2013.


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